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Merecedes C Class: Inside the World Of Mercedes’ Prestigious Luxury Car!

One of the biggest revolutions in car history took place when Mercedes took notice of the performance of its 190-E models and sent it to Nardo, Italy for an in-depth analysis. In Italy the three models of the car were tested severely on various scales for duration of 201 hours to establish its power, performance and selling factors. Working on the features to improve the facts underlined in the tests, the Mercedes C Class was launched!

It is one of the prestigious models of Mercedes offering the best of durability and performance. The interior of the vehicle is as great as the exterior.

The highlights

Mercedes C Class is a joyous ride into a sporty and classy car that comes with its own intricate features that stand out. One of the brilliant moves in this regard has been its fluidity of performance and exceptional appeal. World class engine, powerful performance and the beauty s so profound that no one fails to fall into the trap of a Mercedes C Class parked in front of their house.

Features of the car

The shiny smooth ride comes with a 1950cc engine and 194bho@3800rpm. The fuel capacity and torque differs from model to model. But when ti comes to choosing Mercedes C Class because of its underlined features the greatest advantage is that within a frame of price the customer is able to choose a variety of features i.e. convertible, SUV, and even the most luxury experience with an extended towing capacity.

Why it appeals!

The sleek design and effortless look of the car appeals most of the customers. The fact, that this car can contain great engine power and performance promise in a sleek design is a plus point! Besides being of high value in regards to the style statement it creates the robust lok and status symbol accompanied brings about a difference.

Cost and value

The Mercedes C Class starts at $70,000 for the basic features. There is also a C300 version which is prices around $40,000 with only some basic features contained. The base cost is then elevated with a range of features after you make a choice of what kind of experience you want with your own luxury abode.

The brand speaks of style and the car is a standard answer with latest technology, up-hand performance and revering design. For people who believe in going an edge extra with their love for cars, C Class is the answer!

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